PowerPoint Tutorials: How to Use PowerPoint Maps for Print

Shapes, objects, graphics, designs created in PowerPoint has a high advantage for printing in PowerPoint because they are all vector.

Many people consider that PowerPoint is made only for business use. Let's take it to another level and see how 24point0 Map products can be used for print in skyscrapers, posters, banners and even on t-shirts. This tutorial will also show you how to export images from PowerPoint for print.

A simple way of printing 24point0 Maps on banners, posters, etc. without using other image editing software:

  1. We are going to assume that you have one of our Map products. No? get one from our slide store. You can easily select any country, state, provisions from our map and print it just the way you like it.
  2. OK, now you have the map, you have your Microsoft PowerPoint application opened, you are all set. Let's get started.
  3. Open a new document on your PowerPoint and set the dimension of your document according to your requirement
  4. Go to Design > Page Setup

    Using PowerPoint Product Map for Print

  5. A dialog box will appear where you can adjust your document dimensions
    Resize PPT Map for Printing

    Click OK after you are done entering your require size.
  6. Next, go ahead and open your map product from 24point0 and select the map or part of the map you will use.
    Editable PowerPoint World Map
  7. Simply copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) on your new document
    When you paste the map, you can choose to keep the format as per your requirement.
    How to apply Keep Source Formatting while pasting the image
  8. Now, you have the editable map in place, all you have to do is design the other elements which you want to print out along with the map
    PowerPoint Banner Printing
  9. After your are done with your designs, you can now move on to the next step by saving your document into a PDF:
    1. Go to File > Save As or press Ctrl+Shift+S on your keyboard
    2. On the Save As dialog box, Save as type: dropdown option, select PDF
    Steps to be Printed as a Banner
  10. Now you can send your PDF to be printed out as a banner, poster, etc.

Now you know how to import 24point0 editable maps into your own document.

No need to draw or illustrate a very detailed map from scratch. You can simply use one of our editable PowerPoint map products.

Let's show you how you can use the map to be printed on your t-shirt. For this process, you will need to use other vector editing software like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc...

Taking Adobe illustrator as an example since this software is known worldwide. Here is how you can import our PowerPoint map into Adobe illustrator by retaining it's vector, editable shape paths.

  1. Open 24point0 Map product in Microsoft PowerPoint
  2. For Windows user, click on the map, right click and select Save as picture...
    A dialog box will appear, at the bottom area, on the Save as type drop down option, select Windows Metafile (*.wmf) Click Save.
    How to Print PowerPoint Map using Windows
  3. For Apple Mac user, assuming that you have Microsoft office (PowerPoint) installed, you can follow this step.
    Open the 24point0 Map product using Microsoft PowerPoint, Select the Map, right click and select Save as pictures...
    A dialog box will appear. Here, set the Format as PDF and click Save
    Steps to How to Print Product Map for PowerPoint Mac User
  4. Ok, we now have the .wmf file for windows and .pdf file for Apple Mac
  5. Open your Adobe Illustrator. Here you can either open the file from File > open and select your .wmf/ .pdf file or you can just drag and drop the file inside Adobe Illustrator. It works both ways.

There you go. Now you can change the colors, resize, add your own design elements. You can do all of these actions because they will all be in a vector form, fully editable.

Save your file and send it to the nearest print shop or an online print shop.

Since our PPT maps are ready to be used on it's own, it is also useful to teachers, professors, managers, preachers and group leaders since it can easily be printed out.

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