PowerPoint Tutorial: How to Insert a Text Watermark in PowerPoint

Say you wanted to upload your PowerPoint presentation on an online presentation community like SlideShare, Prezi or any other community website. You don’t want people to easily take a screenshot of your slide and use it on their presentation like it’s their own. This is where you will need a watermark. But how?

In this tutorial we will show you how you how you can insert a text watermark in your PowerPoint slides.

Let’s first assume that you have a nice photograph on your slide. It is communicating, appealing and it’s originally yours and you want to add a watermark on the slide with your name on it.

How to Insert Text Watermark in PowerPoint

  1. Open your presentation slide and take a new text box as shown in the image below.
    Now type in your name. You can use any font but preferably something big and bold. Your choice
  2. How to Add a New Textbox in your PPT presentation

  3. For this tutorial, we will use a very popular name “Sheldon Cooper” from The The Big Bang Theory.

    There you go. Here, we are using Arial Black for the font and keep it right in the middle of the slide. So far so good? Good.

    OK! Now, lets start applying the effects on the text by right clicking on the text and select Format Text Effects... A dialog box will appear. Before you make any changes, make sure that the bounding box border of the text is not a dotted line. If so, then click on the line or one of the handles. Now you are ready to make the change
  4. How to Apply Text Effects on your PPT presentation

  5. On the dialog box which appears, go to Text Fill > Solid fill. Select the color as White and set the Transparency to 80%. The opacity/ transparency of the text will depend on the kind of image you used. In our case 80% is just perfect.
  6. How to Set the Opacity and Transparency of your text in PPT

  7. You should have something like the image below.
  8. PPT presentation - After Transparency Effect

  9. Now let’s add a little 3D effect on the watermark.

    On the dialog box, go to 3D Format and select any of the bevels you prefer

How to Add a 3D Effect on the Watermark

There you have your watermark added on your slide. You can now upload you presentation on any website without fear of piracy or unauthorized use of your original materials

Image showing Text Watermark being added to a PowerPoint slide

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