Emotions and Expressions Illustrations

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Every human emotion that has a ‘face’ has been captured in our Emoticons for PowerPoint presentations.

Download this editable template to give your presentation a unique touch.

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This Emoticons for PowerPoint deck has emoticons expressing a myriad human expressions. The expressions in this product are listed in the alphabetical order below. The product is editable and allows for further creative enhancement by user.

The emotions, in alphabetic order:

A: Accomplished, Adventurous, Aggravated, Appreciated, Ashamed, Assertive

B: Bored, Bewildered

C: Competent, Challenged, Curious, Cool, Comfortable, Creative, Connected, Confused, Cautious, Clueless

D: Dejected, Disappointed, Disgruntled, Dumb, Determined, Disgusted, Dedicated, Devastated, Depressed

E: Euphoric, Energized, Entertained, Efficient, Embarrassed, Enlighten, Enraged, Envy

F: Fed up, Fun, Frustrated, Fickle, Frazzled

G: Grateful, Greedy, Grumpy, Guilty

H: Healthy, Happy, Hopeful, Humiliated, Hungry

I: Irritated, Inspired, Interested, Infatuated, Innovative, Irate, Indecisive

J: Jubilant

L: Lazy, Lucky

M: Mad, Misunderstood, Moody

N: Nervous, Nauseous, Numb

O: Optimistic, Overwhelmed

P: Pampered, Paranoid, Passionate, Productive, Panicky, Powerful

R: Refreshed, Relieved, Relaxed, Run down

S: Sedated, Satisfied, Stressed, Shy, Sick, Scared, Smart, Sad, Sleepy, Surprised, Silly, Sore, Stylish, Secure, Stubborn

T: Thinking, Traumatized, Thirsty, Tense, Trustworthy

U: Upset

V: Vibrant

W: Wise, Weak, Worried

Also available are silhouettes with moods as well as interesting business analogies.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • 100% customizable PPT slides
  • Easy to edit design elements
  • Attractive backgrounds, color & font schemes
  • Convenient text placeholder
  • 100% vector graphics
  • Let our customer support know if you have questions about any PowerPoint Slide product you downloaded. Contact us for PowerPoint formatting services.

Emociones y Expresiones - Ilustraciones Editable PPT
Gefühle und Ausdrücke Illustrationen - Editable PPT
Les émotions et les expressions Illustrations - PPT Éditable

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