PowerPoint Tutorial: How to Change the Outline Shape of an Image

A week ago you got invited to conduct a presentation on your unit’s sales figures. And you know your presentation will be mostly images and charts as you show the revenue and profit that your unit registered.

Now you know as much as your audience does that your presentation will be pretty much what it was last quarter and the quarter before that! So how do you make a difference and ensure that your audience reacts positively to your pitch?

24point0.com’s PPT wizards have come up with just the solution for you. With this, you will be able to present your images and charts in a more unique way. For instance, your chart could be presented in the shape of a star or a banner. This will in turn add more context to the images that you are presenting. Simply follow the steps below and you’re good to go!

We are going to learn how to quickly change the shape of a normal image into a native PowerPoint shape. You will first need to have an image placed on your PowerPoint Slide. Let's get started

You can use the following instructions in the same method to quickly convert your graph, clipart, logo or an image into any other shape you desire. Like the example shown below (fig – 1.1), you can convert your bar graph into an image by following these two simple steps:

  1. Select the Graph and hit CTRL+X on your keyboard or right click on the graph and select Cut
  2. Next, hit Ctrl + Alt + V on your keyboard. A dialog box will appear and you need to select PNG or JPG or any format you prefer from the dialog box
How to convert Graph, Clipart, Logo or Image in PowerPoint How to convert Graph, Clipart, Logo or Image in PowerPoint

fig - 1.1


How to Change Outline Shape of PPT Image How to Change Outline Shape of PPT Image

Your graph is now converted into an image and now you can follow the steps below to change the shape outline of your graph image.

  1. Under Insert tab go to shapes and select any shape of your choice
  2. In this case we will select a basic rectangular shape, click and drag anywhere on your slide or you can just click once and resize the shape. It works both ways. Now you have both your image and the shape you have just created.
  3. Selecting shape in PowerPoint

  4. Next, select your shape and your image simultaneously. You can do this by holding down your shift key on your keyboard and click both the image and the shape.
  5. Selecting Shape and Image in PowerPoint

  6. While the shape and the images are still selected, go to your Drawing Tools (Format) Tab
  7. Using Drawing Tool Format in PowerPoint

  8. Next, go to Edit Shape > Change Shape and you will get a list of shapes from which you can choose
  9. Editing or Change Shape in PowerPoint

  10. Now select any shape you want and BAM!!! There you have it!
  11. Changing Outline Shape in PowerPoint

Good luck!

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