24point0‘s Website Marketing Scorecard for PowerPoint in Action

We at 24point0 recently indulged in some self-analysis.  The tool we used, our Website Marketing Scorecard, is great at analyzing and presenting findings in the form of PowerPoint scorecards to your audience. It provides an instant summary of your website’s strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Website Marketing Scorecard for PPT presentationsOur CEO sat down to go over our website with a critical eye and he used the scorecard to grade 24point0’s website on various parameters. And here’s his take on how we’ve performed so far:

Editable Website Parameter Scorecard PPT SlideNeatly done and easy to understand at a glance, right?

The Website Marketing Scorecard deck also includes professionally designed table that help you assess the performance of your website based on various factors such as usability, traffic and marketing effectiveness. Like all of 24point0’s diagrams and illustrations, these can be modified in terms of colors, fonts, size and number of elements.

Now that we have our report card, it’s time for us to pull up our socks and get cracking on making 24point0.com more awesome for our customers!

Buy and download the Website Marketing Scorecard today!

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