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Ever thought of using Social Media for your presentation? Say you have this remarkable presentation made – very visually attractive with great content. Why not use the popular social networks and social sharing sites to share your content with the world?

You can also use social networks such as Twitter, Quora and Facebook to improve your presentation. Entrepreneur magazine published an article How to Use Social Media to Improve PresentationsDigital and social media tricks to incorporate the next time you pitch your concept or company to a crowd. This article, written by Chris Brogan explains how a presenter can use social media before, during and after the presentation. You can research, ask questions and gather opinions on a topic before you start making a presentation. After the presentation, you can gather comments, feedback and other more

Presentations on Social Media

Mr Chuck Dietrich on Mashable has written 5 tips for making presentations more social. He suggests that your presentations should be ‘social-friendly’ and that it is important to ‘create anticipation’ about your presentation before the event.

Tips Presentations on Social Media

When you upload your presentation to the internet, it should be interactive, visually rich, and easily readable by the viewers, be it on their mobile devices or personal computers.

There are various websites you can use to share your presentation online. Slideshare, Authorstream and Scribd are the most popular ones. Try using QR codes to share and broadcast your presentation. Read Ellen Finkelstein’s tips on how you can use a Slideshare App to share your presentations on Facebook here.

Also take a look at some of 24point0’s Social Media Products here.

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