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Robert Gaskins invented PowerPoint; he managed the design and development of PowerPoint as a startup where it attracted the first venture capital investment ever made by Apple Computer.

24point0 Business History Timeline

PowerPoint Slide Business History Board

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PowerPoint was first released for Macintosh in April 1987; soon after, it became the first significant acquisition ever made by Microsoft.

The initial release was called “Presenter“, developed by Dennis Austin and Thomas Rudkin

1984: Dennis Austin was the first architect who designed the PowerPoint program

1986: Thomas Rudkin joined him in, and they developed all of the PowerPoint 1.0 software

1987: “Presenter” was renamed to “PowerPoint” due to problems with trademarks, the idea for the name coming from Robert Gaskins

Major versions over first five years, 1987 to 1992:

1987: PowerPoint 1.0 – made black-and-white overheads

1988: PowerPoint 2.0 (for Mac) – added color 35mm slides

1990: PowerPoint 2.0 (for Windows)- added color 35mm slides

1992: PowerPoint 3.0 (for Mac and Windows) – added video effects so video could replace “multimedia” shows

2003: PowerPoint 2003 (version 11) added New animation effects and animation schemes

2007: PowerPoint 2007 (version 12) added SmartArt and effects like shadow, reflection, 3-D etc

2008: PowerPoint 98 (8.0: for Mac OS classic) – added Enhanced graphics capabilities

2010: PowerPoint 2010 (version 14) – added PowerPoint To Video Conversion

2011: PowerPoint 2011 14.0 (for Mac OS X) – added a new Arrange Slide feature, Online collaboration and sharing

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