PowerPoint Tip #2: Illustrate Business Processes to Facilitate Better Understanding

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Management processes are complex concepts that can be better explained through the right illustration. For example, it can be difficult to explain the decision process about a particular product by only using text and multiple slides. This can make for dry and uninteresting viewing. Visio can be used to generate flowcharts, but if graphics with more polish are needed, use a process graphic from PowerPoint’s SmartArt feature.

Management Processes for PPTs

Of course, flowcharts are not the only way to depict management processes. 24point0’s easily customizable Decision Tree is a convenient and easy to use solution that can represent the decision process. As the graphic presents decisions and their consequences, it can aid in-depth analysis as well.

Decision Tree for PPTs

For other sequential management processes, buy and download these editable process diagrams from 24point0. They are versatile and are a powerful tool for any consultant.

Management Process Diagram for PPTs

Strategies – whether management or financial – are difficult concepts that can take many slides to explain when just using text and tables. Instead, use a diagram to map out strategy. 24point0 has created this comprehensive, editable Strategy Map that will help consultants lay out the strategy to be followed for any management or financial initiative. Add or delete elements to suit individual requirements.

Management Strategy Map for PPTs

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