Representing Teamwork through Customizable Visuals in PPT

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A good team can accomplish work efficiently, saving time and money for organizations. HR consultants often have to do presentations on how to create and increase strong working relationships within project teams and units. If you’re an HR consultant looking for a witty and yet sharply intelligent visual representation of teamwork, then 24point0’s deck of Business Life Analogies is a must-have.

24point0’s eloquent, almost too human to be true stick people play out various scenarios of teamwork and office dynamics in a series of illustrations.

For example, the slide below shows 24point0’s signature stick figures putting together a jigsaw puzzle, emphasizing the need for teams to work together harmoniously. This slide will be a valuable addition and motivator in any PowerPoint presentation dealing with team building.

Teamwork graphics for PowerPoint - Jigsaw puzzle illustration - team building - strong project teams - unity in strength - editable PowerPoint graphics - editable PPT diagrams - Business PPT presentations

Our bobble headed, skinny friends are also qualified masons – as shown in the illustration below. This is another great visual that can be used to demonstrate how successfully integrated teams can accomplish even the hardest of tasks. If you’re project manager, using a visual intervention such as this in a serious project presentation can lighten the mood and help get the message across to team-mates.

Teamwork PowerPoint graphic - project team illustration - editable PPT diagrams - brick wall - building together - team building - helpful team mates

And yes, the keyword to a successful team is one 24point0’s stick figures know all too well:

Unity graphics - strong teamwork - strong teams - united teammates - editable PowerPoint graphics - business PPTs

Do you have a PowerPoint presentation on project management that emphasizes the importance of teamwork? Do you need to build stronger bonds in your team? Then buy and download 24point0’s Business Life Analogies deck today!

Buy and Download PowerPoint Diagrams, Templates, Frameworks and Maps at our 24point0 Slide Store.

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