10 Quick Visual Communication Tips to Increase Your Organization’s Visibility!

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You have a killer presentation designed to reach out to your audience, complete with coordinated color schemes, themed templates, animated graphs and charts, and of course, meticulously researched information. But can you put your presentations to good use in customer communications or product marketing? You sure can, and here’s how.

1. Jazz up information about products, sales and manuals into presentations, and put them up on your website – a search engine’s first pit-stop when looking for your company. You might want to consult designer teams to give a professional veneer to plain slides – for instance, 24point0’s makeover services do just this; check it out!

2. Ensure your website’s resource pages are filled with well-researched presentations on industry-related topics, with your products/services tied into them. This would bring users looking for specific industry related topics to your site, and your products would benefit from the additional exposure.

3. Put up your presentations on slide sharing websites. But mind, viewers can navigate away with a mouse-click, and it’s vital your presentations are interesting enough to hold their attention!

4. Video sharing is another major vista for communications, either through video sharing websites, promotional DVDs or plain advertisements. Your business presentations can be converted to video and Flash-animations. Have a look at this link – for tips on PowerPoint-to-video conversion.

5. Rope in your team to post industry-related “how-to” videos on social networking sites like YouTube – this can lead to better visibility for your organization.

6. Webinars, pod casts and online workshops are great places to showcase your products. Embed your presentations with audio-visual content, and use them to reach out to your audience.

7. Make your presence felt in trade fairs and industry events. Strategically placed screens with your slides can work just as well as billboards with a technical twist!

8. Cloud computing is the IT buzzword today. And PowerPoint’s going into the cloud too – it is now possible to use the cloud computing to simultaneously access, view and edit PowerPoint presentations between office locations, without endless back-and-forth emailing. Make use of PowerPoint on the cloud to enhance in-house communications.

9. SAP Web 2.0 has come up with a free set of plug-ins to integrate Twitter and PowerPoint. With these tools, you can let your audience tweet their opinions/vote on topics and present them real-time in your presentation; or tweet your presentation notes as live updates during the presentation – a great way to engage your audience, and ensure your message hits home!

Integrate Twitter into your PPT Presentations

(Source: http://www.sapweb20.com/blog/powerpoint-twitter-tools/)

10. Did you know the renowned statistician, Prof.Tufte, holds misleading bulleted PowerPoint presentations as a factor in the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster? (Have a look at the self-explanatory image from Professor.Tufte’s website for explanation)

Say no to Bullet Points in PPT

(Source: www.edwardtufte.com)

While the professor’s views are open to debate, the fact remains – PowerPoint can be a powerful tool for presenting scientific information. But it’s vital to ensure technical accuracy and proper communication. Avoid too many indented bullets that could obscure your data, and settle for minimal text and more visuals instead.

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