24point0's Affiliate Tutorial on How to Use Banners and Links

How to Use Affiliate Links

Let’s say you’re an active blogger and speaker and you have quite a following both online and otherwise. And since you’re a specialist on presentation techniques based out of PowerPoint, it was but natural that you come across 24point0.com. And out of curiosity, you sign up for our affiliate program, not just for want of an additional revenue source, but primarily because the products that are sold on the site so closely complement your field of expertise.

Now that you’ve signed up as an affiliate you have two options by which you tell your audience about readymade Editable PowerPoint products – Links and Banners. So let’s look at both options in detail:

How to Use Links:

Firstly, on your Affiliate account homepage, please click on Banners and Links
[You will see the page below]

Now, you have two options – Affiliate Link and Banners. Let’s first learn about Affiliate Link and see how you can use them in your website or blog.


Under Affiliate Link there are two options: the custom link and the default link.

Custom Link - Let’s say you’re writing about Syria’s current situation and how it is impacting the entire world. And you feel that a reference to an editable PPT map of the country would help students and researchers get a better picture. So here’s what you have to do:

  1. Step #1: Go to the homepage of 24point0.com’s eStore
  2. Step #2: In the search field, type Syria
  3. Step #3: Once you’re on the Syria page, copy the URL
  4. Step #4: In the Affiliate Link window, paste the URL you just copied in the blank space
  5. Step #5: Click on Get Link (notice the URL below changing)
  6. Step #6: Copy the new URL and use it as a hyperlink in your article

Default Link: Now the default link is primarily for you to use if you’re referring to the products on our site in general.

  1. Step #1: Ensure that the Get Link field is blank
  2. Step #2: Simply copy the URL given below the field and use it in your work

NOTE: This default URL will use the homepage as the landing page.

How to Use Affiliate Banners

If you’d like for your referrals to be visual rather than as plain links, then our affiliate banners will do the trick. You can access the banners under Banners & Links from the LHS menu on the Affiliate page.

  1. Step #1: In order to use the banners, you need to first decide what is the best dimension for your website or blog. As of now, we have three options – 200x300px, 320x200px and 426x200px. Once you’ve decided what dimension suits you best, click on that particular dimension.
  2. Step #2: Choose the banner which you’d like to use
  3. Step #3: Copy the URL and paste to your website or blog

NOTE: Should you require banners in any other size, simply write to us and we will add the banner with your desired size right here.

Still having doubts about using banners and links? Fill out our form and we shall follow up with you right away!

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