PowerPoint Tutorials: How to Use 24Point0 Editable PPT Products - 6 Time-Saving Tips

1. Change the color of the various components in your PowerPoint Product

Right-click on the section you want to edit, and select Group>Ungroup from the drop-down menu. If your image is big, you may have to repeat this step a few times.

Next, click the section you want to edit. Then right click and select the Shape Fill tool from the Editing menu. Select the color of your choice.

2. Change Styles and Effects: You can apply Quick Styles or Shape Effects in 3 simple steps

Select the component you want to style. Click the Quick Styles button on the top panel. From the drop-down options, click on the effect of your choice. The Shape Effects can be added similarly.

3. Convert into your template: Worried about converting this product into your corporate template? Just import it into the template of your choice, and you are done!

4. Multiply the Value: Want more numbers of a slide component? Just select the component, right click and click on copy.

Then right click again and click Paste as many times as you want the component to be replicated.

5. Manipulate Shapes: You can change, flip or edit shapes to suit your presentation needs.

6. Change Scale: Click on your image or image component to select it, and then drag outward or inward to make it bigger or smaller.

Also See Basic Editing of PowerPoint Shapes.

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