FAQs: Formatting Services


Fast Formatting of PowerPoint slides in 24 hours

We've established strong, lasting ties with our customers who quite appreciate our fast turn-around-times. Our customers have found our customization services particularly beneficial during tight deadlines because of the swiftness with which we've responded to their needs. Typically we can format and return your slides within 24 hours.

Prompt & Reliable

We always deliver on time and are willing to go the extra mile

We have earned the trust of our customers primarily because of our reliability. This originates not only from our fast turn-around-time but also because of the high quality of the services rendered. We believe in going the extra mile to not only deliver on time but give them value for their money. And we know customers value this commitment.

PowerPoint Formatting

Makeover of PowerPoint slides

Whether it’s a hand drawn slide or just a rough presentation we can work on it and completely transform it. And once we've established a relationship with you, your style guide will govern all the subsequent work that we do for you. Once you put our PowerPoint production team to work you will save plenty of time besides indemnifying your ROI.

For Consultants

Consultants value our PowerPoint makeover services

We provide an important and niche service to our customers – Consultants and Companies. Customers want an on-going long-term relationship so that we become a readily available part of their operations – almost like an extension of their organization. It is hard to replicate the speed, quality and consistency of our work in-house.

Across the Globe

We provide PowerPoint makeover services the World over

We have provided PowerPoint Makeover services to various countries across the globe. We have successfully provided quality on-time formatting support to our European, Asian, North and South American customers. 95% of all our work is done in English. Those in the American time zones benefit hugely from the time difference between India and the US.


Convert Your Concepts/Hand drawings to PowerPoint Slides

Just send us the images that you need to work into your presentation or whiteboard and watch us work our magic. We can create Process diagrams, Flowcharts, Org Charts, and Strategy Maps. You name it, we can create it. We will make your slides blend with your corporate colors and design specifications. Your audience will be completely dazzled!

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