PowerPoint Tutorial: Reduce PowerPoint File Size

You beam at your audience and talk to them about the weather and the traffic. And how your kid insists on taking up art school instead of the B school you've always intended for him to take up. Then you go on and talk about the oil crisis and the currency and the Middle East and how the school system is no longer what it used to be.

WHY??? Simply because your presentation takes such an awful amount of time to load! You may have used very heavy images or embeds which is why your PPT won't open up instantly. But you're losing precious time and your credibility too as you make your audience wait.

So the buck stops here. Follow the simple steps below and you no longer have to round up the week's news for your audience as your presentation loads.

Reduce PowerPoint File Size - Before Sample After reducting the PowerPoint File Size

1. Go to File Menu
2. Select Options

PowerPoint reduce file size - PowerPoint Tutorials

3. On the Options dialog box select Advanced
4. Depending on how small the file size you want to have select any of the options - 150 ppi or 96 ppi. (Keep in mind the smaller the file size the lower the quality)

How to reduce size of PowerPoint files - PPT Tutorials

You can also reduce the size of each image by following the simple steps below.

5. Select the image and hit CTRL+X on your keyboard or right click on the image and select Cut.

Reducing image size in PowerPoint - PPT Tutorials

6. Next hit Ctrl + Alt + V on your keyboard and a Paste Special dialog box will appear and select Picture (Jpeg).

How to reduce image size in PowerPoint


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