PowerPoint Tutorial: How to Overlay Multiple Images in PowerPoint

Your corporate profile presentation is complete except for the one more slide where you’d like to add multiple images of your company logo, flags of countries where you operate and some important personalities in your company. But when you try to put all the images all together, there are severe conflicts. There’s background colors that are incompatible and image properties which are making the slide not what you envisioned.

The following steps are meant to address just the issues pointed above. Follow them and you will have a perfect slide with no conflicts. The instructions will teach you how to overlay multiple images in PowerPoint in six easy steps.

How to Overlay Multiple Layer Images in PPT

1. Go to Insert tab and insert pictures from the Picture ribbon

PPT Tips - How to Insert Picture in PPT presentation

2. Enlarge the blue background and place the other images on top of it.

PowerPoint Tips - How to Place Other Images on top of another

3. Double click on the image of the world, under picture tools/Format tab click Remove Background

PPT Tips - How to Remove a Background from the Image

4. To remove the white background drag the selection of the box from all sides outside the image and click outside it when it’s done

How to Remove the Background of your Image in PPT

5. Repeat the same process as shown on point #3 and 4 for the third image in order to remove the black background

Removing Black Background from your Images - PowerPoint Tips

6. Right click on the World map image. Go to Format Picture under its dialog box choose Reflection. From the Presents dropdown chose Tight Reflection, touching and finally click Close

PPT Tips - How to Add a Reflection to your Images in PowerPoint

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