PowerPoint Tutorial: How to Insert a Sound File in PowerPoint Presentations

Do you shuffle (read drag your feet) to and scamper out of a presentation? Have you ever wondered why you get cold feet going into a presentation and your feet start tapping to an invisible alarm clock 30 minutes before the end? While there may be several reasons, you surely don't want the same reaction when it's your turn to present! So you take every precaution and leave no stone unturned. And one such stone is adding a audio file to your presentation.

Follow the easy steps below and learn how to insert a sound file in PowerPoint presentations and see the difference for yourself. You can add audio files from the internet or from your computer or even record one yourself! Your presentation now has one more weapon in its arsenal with which to captivate your audience and arrest the erratic behavior of their lower limbs!

Good luck!

PowerPoint Tips and Tutorial - How to insert file audio into PowerPoint

1. On the main menu Click on the Insert tab

PowerPoint tutorial - Inserting audio in PowerPoint

2. On the insert ribbon click on the Audio button. Select Audio from file from the dropdown menu.

Adding audio to PowerPoint - PPT tutorial

3. The Insert Audio dialog box will appear and select the sound file from the Library and click the Insert button.

How to insert audio into PowerPoint slide

4. A speaker icon will appear once the sound file is inserted

Speaker icon in PowerPoint

5. Select the icon and go to Playback at the top bar of your PowerPoint. Select Automatically on start and check on "Hide during show".

Sound file in PowerPoint


Now preview (Shift + F5) the slide and your music/ audio will play on your slide.

Click and drag to move the icon around the slide.

Simply click on the speaker icon to play the sound.


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