FAQs: How to View Account Information

bulletsAccessing Your Account.

Once you have registered you can login to your account. Click on the login button on the top right hand corner of the homepage. Enter email and Password. It will take you to your Account Page.

Account Dashboard - On the left hand side you will see a list of items under the (1) Account Dashboard. You can access your Account Information, Previous Orders, Tags, Download Products etc from here.


Account Information: Details of your, email id, password etc. can be found if you click on (3) Account Information. You can change your password from here.

Account Information

My Tags: When you tag a product on the website it will appear under this section. This way you can organise your products as per your requirements, creating your own relevant categories, and will be able to access products through your (4) tags.



Point and Rewards

Do explore the tabs on your account page. And let us know if you have any queries!

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