How to Use PrePaid Points

So, you have purchased our prepaid points and you are wondering how to use them to download your products.
Follow the step by step instructions below that will help you accomplish this.

Step 1: Login
Please click on ACCOUNT top right and then click on Log In

Step 1

Step 2: Login Page
On the Login page please enter your credentials and click LOGIN

Step 2

Step 3:
Select any product from the category page or home page
Click on ADD TO CART

Step 3

Step 4: Shopping Cart Page
On the Shopping Cart page you will see the area where you can spend your points

Step 4

Step 5: Spend your points
Click on the "Maximize my discount points" to maximize your points or you can adjust how many points you want to spend by clicking on the plus sign or just drag the arrow left or right. You will notice that the GRAND TOTAL will change when you are adjusting your points. Then click on CREDIT CARD CHECKOUT

Step 5

Step 6: Checkout page
Once you are on the checkout page, click on No Payment Information Required and click on PLACE ORDER

Step 6

Your order is complete and it take you to the Thank You page.

thank you

If you have any further queries contact us here.