How to Group Map and Text in PowerPoint

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A Customer recently ask us a question on:

  1. How can I Group the name of the Municipality to the Object? I can’t select both at the same time to proceed with the Group option.
  2. I want to Group the Object and the name, so if I move them both things move along.

Answer: Here are some basic steps on how you can group map image and text in PowerPoint

  1. On the slide, Just hit CTRL + A (This will select all the elements on the slide)
  2. Next, Hold down your shift key on your keyboard and click on the title of the slide. This will let you deselect the title of the slide leaving the rest of the elements selected.
  3. You can again hit CTRL + G on your keyboard or Right click on the selected map and the text and go to Group.


How to Group Map and Text - PowerPoint Tips and Tutorials

Tips and Tutorials - How to Group Map and Text in PowerPoint

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