PowerPoint Tutorial: How to Curve Text in PowerPoint 2013

As you work on your presentation you come to a point where you’d like to add a circular shape with text inside it. But when you add the text, it does not align itself to the curve of the circle. So you’re thinking it’s best not to use either the circle or the text or both!

But we’re here to show you that you can keep both and also make it look great while you’re at it. Follow these simple steps and learn how to curve text in PowerPoint.

Say you already have the text placed on your circular shape but the texts is still straight and you need to curve it so it matches with your circular shape.

Learn How to Curve Text in PowerPoint 2013 - PPT Tips and Tutorials


Select your text and go to Format > Text Effects >Transform and under Follow Path, select Arch Up as show in the image below.

PPT Tips - How to Curve your Text in PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint Tips and Tutorials - How to Curve Text in PowerPoint


Once you have done the steps above, you will see that the curve of the text is still not proportionate with the circle shape behind your text. To adjust this you just have to adjust the bounding box of the text.

So select the text box and you will notice a pink handle on the left side of the box. This will allow you to control and adjust the curvature of the text. However, only this won’t do just yet

PowerPoint Tips - Learn How to Control and Adjust the Curvature of the Text in PowerPoint


You will need to work on rescaling the bounding box which holds the text. The curve of your text will depend on the number of characters you have which can easily be adjusted from the bottom handle of the text box. You can even adjust it from the left or right side of the handle. You can do this until you find your text fits proportionately into your circular shape.

PPT Tips - How to Rescale the Bounding Box which hold the Text in PowerPoint


Good Luck!


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