PowerPoint Tutorial: How to Turn a PPT into an Interactive Slide Show or an Interactive PDF using Action Buttons and Hyperlink Feature

Below is the example of the Interactive Slideshow.

  1. Notice the blue square button below in the center. Clicking the button will take you to the next slide.
  2. 7 Steps to Getting a Great PowerPoint

    Getting Started: 7 Steps to Getting a Great PowerPoint

  3. Similarly, you can also navigate through different sections by clicking on the tabs, the vertical blue boxes, on the right corner.
  4. PowerPoint Interactive Slide Show - Enquiry

    PowerPoint Interactive Slide Show - Design Process

Below are the steps to making the PPT interactive:


  1. A. Under Insert tab go to shapes and
  2. PowerPoint Interactive Slide Show - Selecting Shapes

  3. B. Select Action buttons choose the “Next “or “Previous” button and click or place it on the deck. The action setting dialog box will display
  4. Interactive Slide Show - Selecting Action Buttons in PowerPoint

  5. C. On the Mouse Click tab select Hyperlink to:
  6. D. Under the drop down menu select Next Slide or any one of the functions that you want and click OK
  7. Interactive Slide Show - How to Select Hyperlink and Select Next Slide in PowerPoint


    The second part is hyperlinking the Navigation.

  8. E. Right click on the section tab and select Hyperlink
  9. Interactive Slide Show - How to add Hyperlink in PowerPoint

  10. F. In the hyperlink dialog box select Place in the Document
  11. Interactive Slide Show - How to Place Hyperlink in PowerPoint Document

  12. G. Under Select a place in this document select the section or the slide that you want the destination to take place. Finally click save as from the file menu and choose PDF from save as type
  13. PowerPoint Interactive Slide Show - Saving a file in PDF format

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