PowerPoint Tutorial: How to Change The Theme Color in PowerPoint

PowerPoint’s default theme colors are great no doubt. But if you've been presenting for some time, you might feel like it’s time for a change so that your presentation stands out.

With the following tutorial, you will learn how to change the theme color in PowerPoint. And instead of using the default theme colors, your presentations will now be a direct reflection of your own personality!

PowerPoint Tips and Tutorial - How to Change the Theme Colors in PowerPoint

  1. On the main menu Click on the Design Tab
  2. PPT Tips - How to Create New Theme Colors in PowerPoint

  3. On the design ribbon click on Colors drop down
  4. How to Create A New Theme Colors for your PPT presentation

  5. On the colors dropdown select Create New Theme Colors. The Create New Theme Colors dialog box will appear and select the color dropdown

  6. Learn How to Create New Theme Colors for your PowerPoint presentation

  7. Once you have clicked on the color dropdown a palette that says Theme Colors will appear. Select More Colors

  8. PPT Tips - How to Select More Colors for your presentation

  9. A color picker box will appear. Here you can use either a picker or manually enter the values for each Red, Green and Blue and click OK

  10. PowerPoint Tips - How to Use a Picker Tool to Create a Theme Color in PowerPoint

  11. Enter the name of your new theme in the Name field and click Save

  12. PPT Tips and Tutorials - How to Save your New Theme and Applying them to your PowerPoint presentation

  13. To apply the theme simply click on Colors (please refer to point #2 above) and choose from the list the new theme you just created.

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