PowerPoint Tutorial: How to Create Film Strip Effect in Your Presentation

Your customer has just decided that they would like to get a quick brief about your department and how each unit functions. So you've done everything - starting with the objective of the department to flowcharts and process flows and graphs and charts. But you realize that your presentation is missing the single most important part of your department - your team members!

You can't afford to have a slide for each, but are thinking of just a single slide with their pictures and names. Follow the simple steps below and you'll end up with a nice looking presentation along with a stylish slide for your team members.

Create Film Strip Photo in PowerPoint

Step 1

Use the rectangle shape to draw a shape across your slide, with no borders and use black for color

Insert rectangle shapes in PowerPoint

Step 2

Next, use the rounded rectangle for the groove in the strip, again with no borders

1. Duplicate the groove (Ctrl + D) to multiply the shape, and
2. Use the Align tool to first Align Top so that all the grooves are aligned in a straight line

Didn't find your align tools on your quick access toolbar? Learn more here

Using the align tool in PowerPoint

Step 3

Now use Distribute Horizontally so that all the grooves are evenly distributed across the strip,

a) Take one groove and place it at the extreme right side of your film strip
b) Now highlight all the grooves and then use the Distribute Horizontally option

Aligned all the grooves by using the distribute horizontally option

Step 4

After you have aligned the grooves, select all of them
Aligned all the grooves
Fig. 4-a

Next group (Ctrl + G) all the grooves, then duplicate (Ctrl + D) and drag to the lower end of the film strip. You should have something like the image below by now.
Grouped all the grooves shapes in PowerPoint
Fig. 4-b

Step 5

1. Now highlight everything (Ctrl + A) on your slide and cut (Ctrl + X)
2. Then do a paste special (Ctrl + Alt + V) and select PNG

How to use paste special command in PowerPoint
Step 6

Now, double click on your PNG image and from the color options, select Set Transparent Color.

How to make an image transparent color in PowerPoint

Step 7

Once you select the "Set Transparent Color", your cursor will change into something like the image below.

Set color transparency in PPT
Step 8

Next, click on the groove and notice the color of the groove changes from blue to white

Color of the groove changed, after setting the transparent colors for image in PowerPoint
Step 9

Finally, add pictures of your team or top performers to the strip and you’re good to go!

Film Strip Pictures created in PowerPoint

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