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Thank you for your great service

The slides were great and easy to use. For sure I will come back to you again.

- Ghassan Mamlouk (Norway Map)

Brilliant templates!

You guys have put some brilliant templates together.

- Mohsin Mujtaba (PowerPoint Bundle: Decision Making Diagrams)

The Nigeria ppt slides worked out wonderfully for me.

Was exactly the map solution I was looking for - The ability to easily edit each state and label required basic ppt skills and saved me alot of time and hiring graphics designer. Store experience was straight forward. Speedy response and great customer service. THANK YOU

- Chinapa Aguh (Nigeria Map)

Great Job.

I loved it and it helped me quite a bit

- Farukh Naqvi (Radial Diagrams)

The Gear Diagrams will work very effectively to communicate to the audience.

Was working on the presentation yesterday. I think the Gear Diagrams will work very effectively to communicate to the audience the dynamic nature of the data I will be talking about. If I think of improvements I will let you know!

- Jeffrey Zimmerman (Gear Diagrams for PowerPoint)

The slide is excellent!

The slide is excellent, and in fact, I want to purchase 6 more of other countries.

- Lindsay Lehr (PowerPoint Costa Rica Map)

The powerpoints are great!

The powerpoints are great. Thank you! I have just started using one of them.

- Jennifer Lynch (Strategic Planning Charts)

How to link a pie chart to another chart??

Q: Hi,
I have a pie chart with me. In that pie chart if I click a portion then it should be linked to some other bar chart which will give you a detailed information about that part of a pie chart... Please guide me how can I do this??

A: Here are a few tips on how to link PowerPoint Pie Charts to other Charts or Data Tables.

- Arjun (Funnel Graph - Pie Charts)

Very satisfied with the product and the services!

I am very satisfied with the product and the services, it was easily editable. I needed a map of Kwara State for a scientific article that included some small villages so I added them and removed others.

- Marleen Hendriks (Nigeria Map)

Thanks a lot for the brilliant work!

The maps were everything I hoped for. They are very user-friendly and also the very small countries are indicated, which proved very useful since I had to highlight some of them in my presentation on regulations across Europe.

Thanks a lot for the brilliant work!

- Kristof Van Assche (Europe Map)

24Point0 PPT is amazing and their products are well worth the money.

I am the actually individual who asked for this specific Power Point!

I had been asked to create a bullseye with lettering inside each ring and thought it would be pretty easy to do in Word, PowerPoint or maybe even PhotoShop. I didn't want to spend a penny for something I thought that I could do on my own.
I was so wrong.
I haven't worked in a number of years and my lack of keeping up with the new technology was showing. I started searching the Web for a template to help me out and even then I couldn't find anything. I did come across one thing and it was about $30!!
I came across the Concentric Circles and mistakenly thought I could type in all of the circles. I wrote to them and very quickly I received a reply. I sent them a mock up of what I was trying to accomplish and they sent back EXACTLY what I was trying to do! Here I had been banging my head against the computer for hours in frustration due to my poor skill sets and in just a few emails they had created this amazing PPT for me (and now for everyone else too!).
They even helped to walk me through centering out my letters and didn't make me feel old and dumb. A big plus.
I highly recommend this PPT as it is easy to change the font and the colors. I change mine to make it our school colors and then the font to make it stand out more.

24Point0 PPT is amazing and their products are well worth the money. They really do mean it... If the PPT is not exactly what you need, write to them and let them know!!

- Jazzlyn Flores (Concentric Zone Model)

Easy to work with and accurate information.

The maps were exactly what I was looking for, thanks for that.
Easy to work with and accurate information.

- Johny De Ryck (Germany Map | France Map | Luxembourg Map | Netherlands Map)

I really enjoy your products and will stick to you in future.

Everything turned out just fine: I managed to easily download my diagram and implement it into my presentation.
It was exactly what I needed, actually, I can say the same thing about all the products I purchased from you.
I really enjoy your products and will stick to you in future.

I would also like to commend your customer support; to be honest, I never expected to hear from you in the first place when I started having issues with downloading the puzzle diagram. I was pleasantly surprised by the swift response.

- Ekaterina Karavaeva (Puzzle Diagram - Hand-drawn)

I'll certainly come back

The PPT was very useful and easy to use.
I'll certainly come back on your site to use my points... and more ;-)

- Giovanni Colucci (Russia Map)

How much I Appreciate

The DNA Helix Diagrams I purchased - they are great! I have been able to create a beautiful diagram of a model that looked like nothing on earth when I tried to do it myself! What a great product!

- Anne Hillman (DNA Helix Diagrams)

Fantastic Work

Thanks so much for your solicitousness. Best wishes to Chillibreeze; they are doing fantastic work for the writing fraternity.

- Meenakshi Kartik (PowerPoint Template for Business Presentation | Bundle: Business Template [03]
Bundle: Business Template [04] | Free PPT Templates - Business [08] - Single Slide)

Fantastic Customer Service

This is perfect - I got this JUST in time for a presentation that is being held today. Thank you very much for such fantastic customer service.
I will be sure to use your service going forward!

- Leigh Ann Thomas (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - Editable Slides for PPT Presentations)

Great Customer Service!

You guys are awesome to try to meet my specific requests - great customer service!

- By Martin W. Schelling, Civ, DAF, MEM MC-CBRN Program Manager (Concentric Circles)

Lively silhouettes

The silhouettes in these slides are much more cheerful and colorful than those you find on other websites.

- By Aru (Business Executive Illustrations)

Very creative and outstanding

Beautiful slides to showcase analysis of your products

- By Vijusrini (SWOT Diagram)

Some cultural diversity here?

Really love the stuff you've put up here, but all I see are Caucasian features! Could you please work on creating some cultural diversity on your products? Thanks!

- By RajK (Hand-drawn Business Male Executives)

Great Product

Think this is a great product - very effective for presentations. Really eye catching and nice. I have recommended it to others as well.

- By Priya (Rubik's Cube)

It came, I saw, it conquered.

I was a little skeptical about the Red Template "working." I thought the red background might be overpowering or distracting.
Once the product arrived and I opened it, however, I was impressed, pleased, and relieved.
Nice job, and thanks!

- By David (Red Abstract Template)

Always interesting

Concept are state of art with novelty

- By vishal (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Its been creative material

Concept framework available are very thoughful

- By vishal (SWOT Diagram)

This is so in!!!

I love the fact that you've captured the essence of a presentation by putting such a product together. I can now get more appreciation from my audience not only for my ideas but also for the effort i put in to present them.
Thank you.

- By Mary Thompson (Hand-drawn History Board)

So easy to use!

I totally agree that these icons are so easy to use and change.

- By RajK (Energy Icons)

Great product line-up!

You guys are doing an awesome job of putting up neat stuff! Thanks!

- By Allen (Energy Icons)

This is new!

Seen a lot of unusual ways to represent infographics lately, from in-the-field visualization tool-kits to a DIY stencil for pie-charts, it seems the ways to represent data is nearly limitless. This is new!

- By Melody (Tables & Graphs)

Hello there

Hello there, I found your site via Google while siarcheng for a related topic, your website came up, it looks great. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

- By Antonio (Manpower Resource Diagram)

Good ideas and concepts

Easy option to get useful information as well as share good stuff with good ideas and concepts

- By Milica (Mauritius Map)

Very good website

This Featured section is my favorite. I love the reviews and comparisons you provide. Very good website. I love free software!

- By Muhseen (Stakeholders Map)

Great Stuff!

Used this for a recent presentation, and this was great - got it done so quickly- and my audience was impressed! Thanks!

- By Sharon (Stakeholders Map)

Thanks. Very nice product

Good service. Will be back.

- By Christopher Melville (Mozambique Map)

Thank you.

I like your products and have already purchased another for ppt!

- By John Callan (Value Chain)