PowerPoint Tutorial: How to Change the Dimensions of a PowerPoint Slide

PowerPoint is still one of the best presentation tools around and still continues to command a more than decent respect. However, what if you felt like creating a birthday or an anniversary card using PowerPoint instead of getting one at Hallmark's? You could also try but may not be as comfortable with other software like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc. as you are with PPT.

And the first thing that you notice is that the default dimensions of the slide don't agree with your design ideas. So here's a quick one on how to change the dimensions of a PowerPoint slide:

You can view the default size of your document by going to Design > Page Setup (2010) and Design > Slide Size (2013).

Next, you will see a button called Page setup (PPT - 2010 and lower) or Page Size (PPT - 2013).

PowerPoint Page Setup

Now you have the dialog box opened:

a) Slides Sized for: This is a dropdown menu where you can select and change the size of your slide.

PowerPoint Page Setup Size

b) Right Below is a place where you can manually type in your own preferred size for the slide.

Changing the PowerPoint Slide Size


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