Business Pitch PowerPoint Template - Wizard

Business Pitch PowerPoint Template - Wizard

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Your business pitch deck plays an important role in setting you apart from other startups. Download this template wizard to smoothly sail through issues such as choosing the right color combination, business diagrams and formatting the graphs or charts. Save time by easily building upon this simple, ready-to-use business pitch template.

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Created by a business consultant with years of experience in helping start ups pitch to VCs in collaboration with our top-notch design team, this business pitch deck template has all the key slides your pitch must have in addition to tons of advice on how to present your business plan effectively.

The deck is specially designed for newbie entrepreneurs who might need extra hand holding. Each slide has numerous valuable tips from a business plan expert and call out boxes that explain what exactly to do with each slide. Plus, the structure has been carefully planned to answer questions right when they pop up in investors' minds. Overall, this is a ‘business plan presentation wizard’ that makes creating your pitch deck a breeze.

Our deck includes the top ten must-have elements for any VC pitch deck:

1. Problem Statement: What is the problem? Is it a significant one?
2. Technology and Benefits: How your product helps solve the problem. Have you received interest from customers/distributors/other investors?
3. Potential Market size: How big is the revenue potential? How scalable is your product?
4. Business model: How will you make money?
5. Competition: What is already out there and why is your product better?
6. Revenue projections: How much money will you make? In how much time?
7. Sources and Uses of Funds: How much investment are you looking for and why?
8. Exit valuation: What will be the VC or Angel investor’s return on investment?
9. Team: Who is who? And what is their track record?
10. Risks: What are the chances this won’t make it? What do you plan to do to mitigate these risks?

Our basic business plan presentation template covers these same ten key points. So how is the Premium version different?

For one, the premium version has a backup section with multiple slide templates that you can use to create additional slides in case you are asked specific questions. But more importantly, you receive guidance at every step along with detailed tips and call out boxes that explain where to put each piece of information.

Even if you have never created a business plan before, you will feel totally at ease working with this content template.

Of course, every PowerPoint Template product from 24point0 has a professional support team behind it. If you would like us to refine your pitch deck after you have worked on it, contact us to ask about our PowerPoint formatting services. If you have any questions about our pitch deck template, feel free to contact us today.

As most investors say, the main objective of the first meeting with a VC is to get a second one. Use your pitch deck to make a great first impression.

If you have any questions about our PPT content template, feel free to contact us today. You know your startup idea is awesome. Our pitch deck can help you prove it.*

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