Editable PPT USA Map Used to Depict USA Presidential Elections 2012

Almost four years have passed since Barack Obama's historic election to the US Presidential Seat. The US Presidential Elections 2012 are just around the corner and he will be contesting against Mitt Romney of the Republican Party. Various election polls, fund raising facts, state by state voting data breakdown and Electoral College votes are just some of the facts that are being reported in the news and other media channels.

Want to show how the states are trending? Simply ungroup the map, select the state and choose a color that fits, add the details of the state and you’re set! It’s that simple! And if you have a taste for melodrama, the built-in Animation and Transition features in Microsoft PowerPoint allow you to transform a seemingly dull and lacklustre presentation into a visually captivating illustration!


To make your reports, webcasts or presentations stand apart from the rest, use our fully editable maps of the United States of America (see below). Our maps, unlike other web images or even clip art images, can be edited and customized to fully complement your presentations. Have a look at our slide samples below. These samples illustrate and highlight the features of our maps which make them a great tool for anybody.


Another very useful feature in Microsoft PowerPoint is the interactive charts that one can easily create. Simply populate the relevant fields, some minor cosmetic treatment and you have a slide alive with useful data and content!

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