Telling Your Story Effectively Using Roadmap Templates

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Using a visual approach to tell your story during a PowerPoint presentation can keep your audience engaged. Using eye-catching graphics with relevant content is the key to connect with them. A visual roadmap template can do just that!

Roadmaps need not necessarily show the exact sequence of an action plan. They may be used to show a visual framework of a strategic plan or to project estimated timelines of an assignment. In effect, roadmap templates make wonderful business analogies.

String words and appropriate illustrations to let the audience visualize your flow of thought. Illustrated road map templates can be used to outline your organization’s framework, goals and strategies. You can use roadmaps to explain your action plans and the reasoning behind it.

Creating visual roadmaps in PowerPoint can be a time consuming affair for busy individuals like you. Thanks to the availability of ready-to-use editable roadmap templates, you can create professional looking presentations within minutes. Just plug in your data, alter the colors and layout to suit your presentation, and you are all set to go!

Here are some interesting visuals created using a roadmap template in PowerPoint. The examples below show how roadmaps can be presented in the form of graphs, tables and hand-drawn illustrations.

1. This example shows how a ready-to-use roadmap PowerPoint slide can be used to transform a technology roadmap plan into a visually appealing graphic.

Technology Roadmap Template for PowerPoint Presentation

2. In this example, the projected dates of production stages are highlighted on road signs instead of presenting them in a regular tabular format. Creating an infographic style product roadmap like this leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Sample use of Product Roadmap Template - PowerPoint Presentation

3. Make it easy for your audience by presenting your plans on a visually attractive slide. This strategic roadmap slide created using editable PowerPoint takes away the boredom of reading lengthy reports and creates an element of interest.

Strategy Roadmap - PowerPoint Graphic

4. It’s never easy to convince clients with a financial plan. Toss away the notepad, instead use a financial roadmap graphic to chart out an appropriate investment planning strategy and make an impact.

Sample use of Product Roadmap Template - PowerPoint Presentation

The Product Roadmap template was used as the basis for making the above sample slides. Buy and Download from our PPT slide store today!

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