Business Communication Training – Using Visual Graphics Effectively

Business communication skills are now recognized as vital components of an organization’s success. Clarity of communication regardless of its mode makes it imperative for employees to be proficient communicators.

Companies are investing in time and money on training programs for soft skills development. Trainers usually rely on tools like visual graphics in their PowerPoint presentations to highlight the nuances of effective communication in order to help trainees grasp the techniques quickly.

Trainers don’t really have to spend hours building visually appealing graphics from scratch. Our plug and play communication-related illustrations come to the rescue of busy professionals. These ready-to-use editable graphics makes the job of putting together a powerful presentation a breeze. The vector images can also be customized to suit the requirements of the user with ease. Take a look at some of our communication related graphics.

1. Use this graphic to explain the basic skills required to be an effective communicator.

Effective Communications Strategy – Vector Image

2. This visual graphic is perfect for highlighting the factors affecting the success of a communication loop.

Interactive Communication Loop – PowerPoint Image

3. Use this graphic to show how one can optimize the communication channel using the right planning framework.

Communication Planning Framework – PPT Graphic

4. How can one benefit from having a disciplined conversation? Use this graphic to generate an interactive discussion on communication.

Disciplined conversation for effective communication

5. Make an impact with these communication icons instead of text or long winded sentences.

Communication Icons for PowerPoint Presentations

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