Creating Successful Corporate Profile PowerPoint Presentations

by Chillibreeze on February 25, 2014

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The Best Introduction to Your Company – The Corporate Profile

Company Profile PPT Template Company Profile Presentation - Corporate Mission - Editable PowerPoint Deck
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Wondering what goes where in a corporate profile presentation? Here are 24point0′s top tips:

Branding is Key, Shorten the History

In any corporate profile presentation, remember that the company’s branding has to be visible. The ideal corporate profile should start with a background about the company and its corporate history – but keep this to one slide. Use graphics and images to keep things interesting and use animation to enliven timelines and milestones.

Use Illustrations to Describe Company Structure

The structure of the company – its departments and hierarchies should be presented next. This should be communicated in an easily comprehensible way. If your company has various departments/units and cross-organization support functions, then use a graphic like 24point0’s sturdy and classy pillar diagram. You can present units and intra-company hierarchy in one illustration, instantly communicating the information to the viewer.

Editable PPT Slide on Pillar Diagram

Puzzled about how to show the company’s management structure to an external audience?  Then use 24point0’s organizational charts or hierarchical diagrams to showcase this.

Business Hierarchy Charts of PowerPoint Slide

Map Out Operations

Show global or multi-location operations on a map to help your audience get a clearer picture. You can buy editable maps of various regions from 24point0.

USA Map of PowerPoint Presentations

Make the Product/ Solution Portfolio Interactive

Presenting portfolios can tricky, especially when they are large and diverse. You can’t crowd a single slide with information about all the products your company makes. Instead use PowerPoint’s interactivity elements and features to make an attractive portfolio spread over multiple slides. If you need a shortcut, then use the portfolio diagram from 24point0 to efficiently showcase your company’s portfolio.

Save the Best for Last

Ensure you highlight the accolades won from professional bodies and clients in the penultimate slide. The presentation should close with a quote from the CEO or the company motto.

24point0 will be bringing you more tips on how to create the best corporate profile presentations.

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