Innovative PowerPoint Alternatives : John Bohannon’s Modest Proposal – Use Dancers Instead of PowerPoint Slides

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That’s the new concept that John Bohannon proposed at the recent TEDx Brussels. In the talk titled John Bohannon & Black Label Movement – Dance Your PhD, Bohannon suggests that people should use dancers instead of PowerPoint to explain complex concepts especially those related to the specialized sciences, like molecular biology.

So how does this work? We suggest you see the entire video to understand what he means and to see how Bohannon’s talk has been choreographed. The talk at TEDx Brussels was inspired from The “Dance Your Ph.D.” Contest explaining a PhD thesis with a dance. So when Bohannon was to talk at the TEDx Brussels, he chose to use live dancers instead of using a PowerPoint or screening the videos from the contest. Read what he says about “A Modest Proposal“.

The presentation has managed to start a debate amongst PowerPointers. One comment from Anna Masciarelli says –

Another commentator Chris Malcolm says –

Comments on PowerPointers by Chris Malcolm

We think this is a great concept, however not all PowerPoint presentations are done badly. Not all PowerPoint Presentations are boring, and not everything can be presented better with dance. The key is to be able to understand the profile of your audience – and then designing the presentation accordingly. If a presentation is designed well, it supports the speaker with visuals and any relevant data hence making the presentation a success.

What do you think of this unique way of presenting? Have you seen anything like this before? Tell us in the comments section!

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