Creating Successful Marketing PowerPoint Presentations

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What Comprises a Successful Marketing PowerPoint Presentation?

A marketing presentation, in essence, acts as a detailed advertisement for the products or services your company offers. To give your presentation the edge, use well designed, professionally executed graphics. A marketing presentation should comprise:

  1. Introduction to the company
  2. Solution/ product portfolio
  3. Benefits and features of major products
  4. Case studies, client quotes
  5. Market data about the products

Here are some tips on how to make effective marketing presentations:

Use Creativity to Present the Product or Solution Portfolio
Be creative and present your company’s product or solution portfolio as an illustration instead of plain lists. This attractive, editable graphic from 24point0 is a perfect way to visualize a product or solution portfolio. You can link each product to a more detailed slide that describes its benefits and features.

Editable Portfolio Diagram for PPT

Get Rid of Bullet Points – Visualize Features and Benefits
Don’t bore your audience with long bulleted lists of benefits and features of your company’s products and solutions. Think of ways in which you can efficiently exploit the space in a slide to make a compact presentation of this information. For example, you can use these radial diagrams from 24point0. The name of the product goes in the center while you can use the columns on either side to list features and their corresponding benefits. These diagrams efficiently present information and reduce the number of slides in your PPT. You can use the quadrant panels to showcase multiple case studies or client accolades for each product.

Business Radial Diagram PPT

Use Well-Designed Tables and Graphs to Show Market Research Data
The best marketing presentations use well-designed and easily understandable charts to show market research data comparing your product to similar ones from competitors. You needn’t spend time and energy in creating these from scratch – simply use this package of editable tables and graphs from 24point0. If you need to present the market share of your product, then these attractive pie charts are a visually appealing way to deliver this data.

Tables and Graph PowerPoint

Watch out for more handy hints and useful tips from 24point0 that will help you design a stellar marketing presentation.

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