How Do I Edit the Word Cloud PowerPoint Slide?

Question: How do you easily edit the list of words that is given in the template – do you have to delete each one and edit each one individually if you only want a word cloud with say, 10 words in?
Answer: Unfortunately, that’s how the Word Cloud is built. And there’s really no shortcut so what you may want to do is select the words you need and yes, remove the rest.

Question: Does that mean every time I re-use this product I have to recreate those words all over again?
Answer: Fortunately, there’s another way of doing this and we will show you how!

Step 1: From the menu under Home, click on “Select”
Step 2:
Now click on “Selection Pane”

PowerPoint Template Word Cloud

Step 3: You will now see on the right hand side a panel labeled “Selection and Visibility”
Step 4:
Simply click on the “eye” to turn “on” or “off” any of the words you’d like to appear or not

Notice that when you click on the eye, certain parts of the slide disappear and if you wanted to make one appear again, just click back on the eye!

Using Word Cloud Tag PPT

Notice how several of the words from the “Before” image are no longer appearing in the “After” image.


Business Word Cloud Tag PPTAFTER

Editing Word Cloud PPT Template

If you still have any more questions for us, you can contact us or if you’re interested, buy the Word Cloud Slides now.

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