Easy to Edit Indian State and District Maps for PowerPoint Presentations

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Everyone’s making a beeline for India these days, pursuing new markets for goods and to tap the potential of its burgeoning and highly skilled workforce. Business consultants pitching the need to cement stronger partnerships with Indian counterparts will need to have sound geographical knowledge of the country.

It’s next to impossible to get high resolution, detailed, easily editable maps of India for PowerPoint presentations. This can make it tough for consultants preparing PPTs. A number of manufacturing hubs and sources of materials and manpower tend to exist outside the well known urban areas of India. States such as Punjab, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have important industrial parks and zones outside the major cities. So it is vital for presenters to have detailed maps of Indian states and their districts.

24point0 has created a deck of 49 slides that show each of India’s states with their districts clearly marked. The maps in this deck are editable and can be customized according to your requirements. If you want to concentrate on one particular district, then you can separate it from the rest of the map and scale it up to give your audience a better understanding of the new business terrain into which they are venturing.

Indian districs map-Punjab districts map

Indian State Map with Districts - Editable Punjab Map with Districts

Also included in the deck are slides with all the major cities clearly marked as well as modifiable icons wrapped in the Indian flag colors.

Indian Cultural Icons for PowerPoint

These maps will be useful not just to business consultants looking to India for their next big deal but also educators focusing on the country. They include all 28 states and seven union territories.

So if you’re looking for new business opportunities in India, this is one set of maps that you can’t do without. Buy and download 24point0’s editable Indian states and districts maps today!

Buy and Download PowerPoint Diagrams, Templates, Frameworks and Maps at our 24point0 Slide Store.

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  1. ankit bhargava says

    ppt format ??

    Looking for state editable maps?
    can i edit individual districts?
    Can i pick out 4 or 5 districts in particular for use in PPT format.

    the india editable map would also be required.

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