Editable Mind Map PowerPoint Slide

The Mindmap Diagram is a  unique, illustrated overview of different aspects of a key idea or concept. It plots out and details multiple facets and is useful to display a bird’s eye view of any phenomena. It helps to briefly discuss each aspect, keeping the big picture in perspective.

The editable image comprises of different bright symbols that can be flexibly used to indicate varied aspects such as action plans, key notes, targets, results, insights etc. The central note can be used to detail the central idea around which the entire Mindmap is drawn out. This customizable diagram is a highly useful tool for ideation sessions, core group brainstorming, deep-rooted analysis or strategic decision-making discussions.

The number of text entries can be increased or reduced depending on the PPT topic and subsequent requirement. Colors, lines and icons can be edited, modified and re-sized as needed. This fascinating PowerPoint diagram will help visually support your department’s plans, concepts and theories in a comprehensive manner.

Editable PowerPoint Mind Map Diagram

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