Let Comparison Tables do the Talk in Your PowerPoint Presentation

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Do you have a newly launched product? Are you looking at explaining its comparative benefits over existing market brands in a PowerPoint presentation to your target audience? Read on for more ideas.

You can wax eloquent about your product’s features but an instant way to get noticed would be to present its distinctive features on a comparison table. Comparing the product’s features with a leading market brand will help customers see the differentiating factors that you have to offer. Tables with engaging graphics allow them to make an informed choice quickly.

From comparing product features to services, calorific and nutritional values of food to pricing strategies, tabulating information in the form of visual charts can make data presentation more appealing. This is where PowerPoint comparison tables come to the rescue. You can create visually appealing comparison tables in distinctive styles to present your data. No, you don’t have to spend hours creating attractive tables; there are plenty of ready-to-use PowerPoint comparison tables on the internet. Choose one that suits your needs and you are all set to go!

These examples show how to present comparative features of any product in an engaging way.

1) Use a pictorial comparison table to compare product features instead of text based comparison. It’s easy to scan through the features and arrive at a quick decision when facts are presented in a table.

Product Feature Pictorial Comparison Table

2) See how cliparts of check and cross marks can transform a bland product comparison table into a visually appealing infographic.

Product Comparison Table created in PowerPoint

3) Why would customers choose one service provider over the other? Highlight the best features of your service by comparing it with your competitor on a comparison table.

Use PowerPoint to create Comparison Table for Service Providers

4) Who has the patience to sit and read through the nutritional facts of a food product? Presenting and comparing nutritional values on a comparison tables compels viewers to sit up and notice your content.

Compare Nutritional Values of Food using PowerPoint Comparison Tables

The Comparison Table PowerPoint template was used as the basis for making the above sample slides. Buy and Download from our PPT slide store today!

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