Business Scrabble – Mix Wordplay and Information in Your Business PPT Presentations

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There are some terms that populate business PowerPoint presentations across continents: strategy, growth, sales, funds, tax, accounts. These words are the key building blocks in many a consultant’s presentation on new business opportunities, sales, marketing or accounting. And most consultants, in an effort to draw the attention of the audience to these concepts, merely bold or italicize it. If they are feeling particularly brave, put it in really big, stylish (most of the time unreadable) fonts.

However, anyone who’s sat through a corporate PPT presentation will be used to seeing these tried and worn visual gimmicks. If you’re a consultant on the hunt for new and innovative ways to depict some of the most commonly used business terminology, then 24point0’s Business Scrabble graphic is for you.

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All the terms in the graphic above are inter-related and the illustration can be a nice visual in any presentation on subjects such as sales tax.

Of course, if you’re looking for ways to save money, you could use the strategy spelled out below:

Money saving graphic for PowerPoint presentations - business presentation illustrations - editable PPT graphics - Scrabble graphic - editable Scrabble illustration for PowerPoint presentations - hi res Scrabble images

24point0’s Business Scrabble graphic is not wholly obsessed with tax and its avoidance – the deck has this graphic of a Scrabble board that is sure to give your drab PowerPoint presentation a visual fillip:

Editable Business Scrabble Graphic - Editable Word Display Illustration for PowerPoint - Business Terminology - Marketing Terms - Investment Graphic - Finance Illustrations for PowerPoint Presentations

Like all of 24point0’s PowerPoint products, the graphics in the Business Scrabble deck can be easily edited and customized to suit individual needs. Do you need to remove some of the elements on the board above? Then just remove the alphabet tiles you don’t need, to get the relevant message across. You can rearrange tiles to create new words, too.

Editable Business Graphic for PowerPoint Presentations - Corporate Finance Graphic - Scrabble Illustration - Word Game illustration for PPT - Business Graphics

In this day and age, the internet plays a huge role in the success or failure of a business concern. So if you’re looking for a graphic that represents the importance of an internet marketing strategy, then your search is over:

Editable Scrabble Graphic for PowerPoint Presentations - Word Game Illustrations for PPT - Marketing Strategy Illustration - Business Graphics

So get rid of the mundane this financial year and give your business, marketing, sales or strategy PowerPoint presentations the 24point0 treatment. Buy and download the Business Scrabble deck today!

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