Making the Right Moves with an Effective Game Plan

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Having a business game plan allows the top level management to define objectives, prioritize goals and strategize based on the strengths and weaknesses of their organization.

Take a cue from the FIFA craze and create an impressive PowerPoint presentation using sports analogy graphics. Key players, competitive analysis, resource allocation and more can be brought to life with engaging sports analogies.

Take a look at the visual game plan slides created by 24point0 PPT experts.

1) Use a soccer field illustration to highlight the key players of your business

Key Players of Game Plan - PowerPoint Template

2) Use the Chess analogy to show the importance of making the right move at the right time.

Chess Game Plan - PowerPoint Illustration

3) The example below shows how a company used sports analogy to highlight its internet marketing strategy

Sports Analogy of Game Plan - PowerPoint Template

4) Use this graphic to set targets and goals for your managers.

Targets and Goals Game Plan - PowerPoint Illustration

5) A snake and ladder analogy can be used to show the pros and cons of social media strategy.

Social Media Planning - PowerPoint Template

The above sample slides were created using Game Plan slides and other business concept diagrams from 24point0 PPT store. Buy and Download from our PPT slide store today!

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