Best Presentations

It is difficult to really manage a list of the best presentations ever. So we will give you the best entries to the SlideShare 2009 and 2008 Best Presentations contests.

Thirst, Slideshare 2008 first-place winner: Jeff Brenman’s Thirst explores our use and misuse of the natural resource we take for granted – Water! The slides speak for themselves, and there is no need for a presenter to fill in the gaps, or ‘tell’ the story.

Health Care on a Napkin, Slideshare 2009 first-place winner: Dan Roam made napkin drawing popular through his award-winning Healthcare on a Napkin series. View it here.

Sheltering Wings, Slideshare 2009 second-place winner: This slide demonstrates Sarah Cullins’ ability to tell a moving story through a presentation. Notice her stark presentation of facts and figures.

Actually, we recommend that you have a look at all the winners of the 2009 Slideshare Best Presentation contest.

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